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Chemical Technician Award

Call for 2022 Chemical Technician Award Nominations

The ACS Brazosport Section is calling for nominations for Outstanding Chemical Technician Award to two individuals who have demonstrated an extremely high degree of professionalism as a Chemical Technician.  


Nominees must have worked for five years as a chemical technician or in a related field where primary job responsibilities include conducting experimentation or analyzing information to help solve chemical problems or discover new chemical knowledge. Nominees must have successfully completed a two-year post-high school level chemistry curriculum leading to an Associate Degree, the equivalent course in a Baccalaureate Program, or have equivalent experience. Chemical technicians do not need to be an ACS member to be eligible for this award. The nomination packet shall be submitted to the Awards Committee by the nominator and must be a resident of the Brazosport Section area at the time of nomination as well as must not be a winner of award category in the past 10 years. 



  • At least two supporting letters from colleagues (which state why the nominator feels the nominee is deserving of the award with specific supporting examples).  

  • Resume (or equivalent) 



  • Publications and Patents list (where applicable) 

  • Additional letters of support from students, parents, community members, administrators (as appropriate) 


To submit a nomination, please complete the Award Application form and submit it directly to before October 15th

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